Avery Tarasov - CEO / Lead Software Security Engineer

Avery became interested in computers at a young age. As a teenager he began developing Windows system utilities in C++ and Visual Basic 6. He has 18 years work experience in Information Technology, including 14 in cybersecurity and over 8 years of cybersecurity management experience. With a primary focus on threat hunting, he was the top contributor of open source Snort intrusion detection system rules between 2012 and 2015 (369 rules created). He has worked at companies such as Wafra, KIND, Avon, Microsoft and E*TRADE Financial. Additionally, he is the founder of Laser Pointer Forums, a laser discussion forum created in 2006 with over 1.2 million posts and 43K members.

Avery holds the CISSP certification and a Masters degree in Information Systems and Technology Management with specialization in Information Assurance & Security from Capella University.


Grégori Macário Harbs - Principal Software Security Engineer

Grégori Macário Harbs started to learn programming at age 4.

Four years later, he was excelling in Windows/DOS courses, gaining school top honors. He gained database experience, but decided to specialize in computer systems and automation. He developed multiple tools, and sharpened his skills in low-level Windows/C/Freebasic/Assembly as a teenager. By age 17 he had written an emulator of a TRS-COLOR computer system.

Five years later, he became the co-founder of MyTDT software, which provided automation/recovery services for small companies, helping many with legacy conversions and data recovery in unusual situations.

In 2018, after 9 years of experience, he started freelance work, providing custom high-quality services and software, while also providing private instruction on low-level programming.

He continues to innovate in areas such as maintaining legacy system compatibility, technical data on system programming, and developing custom solutions in areas such as automation, security, IOT and embedded systems.



MyTDT-Mysoft - Overview
MyTDT-Mysoft has 17 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.


Workana. Grégori H.
System Programming - Transcripción - Traducción al Inglés - C. Programador de C low level, especialista em algoritmos e otimização, 10 anos de experiências em diversas áreas, windows, sistemas antigo